All of Our History & Philosophy

Wazin is a recently developed company like no other. Our customer-first philosophy sets us apart.

Locally Owned. Globally Focused.

Wazin was developed in [YEAR] by [NAMES]. We had a vision: no more waiting in bank lines, searching for working hours, or struggling to get ahold of representatives. We envision a world in which you – the customer – get to oversee your financial and investment decisions.

Our philosophy puts the customer in control. At Wazin, we believe that the customer should be able to compare multiple financial and investment options side-by-side in order to make the best decision based on their needs and preferences.

Wazin provides financial pricing loans and investment pricing in the palm of your hand. We are here to help you!

 Quick    Secure    Transparent

Wazin shows financial and investment options in just a few easy steps.

Step 1 : Access the app. You can register or continue as a guest.

Step 2 : Select service (finance or investment).

Step 3 : Enter information about loan amounts and payments.

That's it! Now your results will be available. Results for financing will be ranked based on lower rates. Branch locations are displayed. Simply select your preference and Wazin will assist you with completing the application. After acceptance, the request will be forwarded to the selected bank branch by the customer. It’s that simple!


The vision of Wazin is providing globalized financial comparisons. We envision a financial world in which the consumer has complete access to services from the palm of their hand.


Our mission is to streamline financial comparisons through one online platform. We present the prices of financial products from many different banks in an accessible location. This saves customers time and money while also improving the accessibility of financial institutions.


Our strategy is based on data-driven research. We are a platform that gathers data from banks, customer input, and the Ci-Net system. You can trust Wazin to help you determine the best actions.